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Technical Details
Process Technical Data
Ductile Iron 100-70-03
Gray Iron Class 20
Class 30
Class 35
Class 40
Special alloys as needed:
(Copper, Chrome, Moly, Nickel, etc.)
Stainless Steel 316 Heat Resistant
Melting 2x 3000 lb. Inductotherm Coreless Induction Melters
Molding Equipment 2x BBM QCT3 Molding Machines
1x BMM QJS 230 Molding Machine with Duplex Pattern Shuttle
No Bake Molding Equipment
Molding Methods Jolt Squeeze
Pin Lift
No Bake
Hand Rammer (Loose Work)
Flask Sizes 24x27
Many other sizes available on a limited quantity.
Casting Types Heavily Cored Castings for the pump, valve,
power transmission, heavy industry, and more.
Casting Weights 1 lb. to 1500 lb.
(Core competency: 50 lb. to 750 lb.)
Core Processes Shell
No Bake
Cleaning Equiptment 15GN Pangborn Tumble Blast
Snag grinder
Swing grinder
Various hand grinders
Quality Assurance Equipment Brinnel Hardness Testing
Sonic Thickness Testing
Microstructure Analysis
Tensile Analysis
Casting and Pattern Layout Facilities
Pattern Facilities Mounting, Gating, and Minor Repairs done in house
Many area pattern shops for pattern production and major repairs
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