68 Years of Excellence

1010 4th Street, P.O. Box 878

Durant, Iowa 52747

Phone: (563) 785-4461 + Fax: (563) 785-4463

Producers of gray and ductile iron castings from existing or new tooling engineered and built by Russelloy Foundry, LLC.

25 - 1500 lb. parts

Russelloy Foundry has been in continuous operation since 1951 and has always resided in Durant, Iowa. Our family owned company is located 20 miles west of the Iowa-Illinois Quad City area.

Russelloy has been providing quality castings to pump, power transmission, and heavy industry manufacturers for 60 years. Russelloy Foundry is a short to medium production cope and drag foundry. We can also supply short run squeezer, loose jobbing floor, and no bake mold castings.

We produce castings from ounces to 1500 pounds with our specialty range being 50lbs to 750lbs. Our flask sizes can range from 24x27 - 13/13 to 40x40 - 16/16. We also have many other flask sizes available in limited quantities for short run or prototype work. Our foundry works with wood, plastic, or metal tooling and supports all types of core processes either in house or from an outside core supplier.

Ray Cole
Worker Molten Iron
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